New England Wild Flower Society – Plant Conservation Volunteer Program

Become a Plant Conservation Volunteer with the New England Wild Flower Society!

The New England Wild Flower Society is seeking enthusiastic people who have a commitment to plant conservation and protecting natural habitats to participate in the Plant Conservation Volunteer (PCV) Program. The PCV Program engages volunteers to collect information on rare plants and their habitats across all six New England states. The majority of the work focuses on rare plant monitoring, but there are also occasional opportunities to assist with invasive species removal, habitat management projects and botanical surveys that benefit rare plants. The Society also offers free field trips and some learning opportunities to PCVs. It’s an excellent opportunity to put your botanical skills to work, learn more about the flora of New England, meet other botanists, and help preserve your state’s natural heritage.

RESPONSIBILITIES  Complete required online training course and attend the required annual 1-day training session held in March/April for your state to review surveying protocols, PCV guidelines, and available surveys for the season.  Review available surveys and choose those suited to your abilities and/or those that advance the New England Plant Conservation Program goals.  Complete at least one rare plant survey including research on plant/accessing location, coordinating with other volunteers to survey, completing the survey and submitting field forms digitally through a secure website.  Conduct assigned seed collections as needed on rare plants following specific protocols.  Represent the PCV program and conduct work in a professional manner.  Keep ALL data on rare plant populations confidential.

QUALIFICATIONS  Good candidates are motivated, independent workers; have some skill in plant identification, good observation skills and are adventurous.  Ability to collect and organize scientific data and filing field forms in a timely manner.  Computer proficiency is required for communications and submitting field forms.  Physical ability to hike in uneven terrain and varying weather conditions.  Ability to work independently or with a team of other volunteers.  Ability to travel some distance to survey sites and endure possible long days in the field. A vehicle is essential for a lot of the work our volunteers do.

HOW TO APPLY  Visit our website and fill out the electronic application by February 1st, 2019 to be considered for the 2019 field season; applications reviewed January – February 2019. http://www.newenglandwild.org/conserve/saving-imperiled-plants/plant-conservation.html/

Interested applicants with botanical knowledge and are outside of Eastern Massachusetts are encouraged to apply. All who are interested must apply and be accepted into the program before attending a training session due to the sensitive nature of rare plant data and data security agreements we have with each state’s Natural Heritage.

QUESTIONS? Contact: Laney Widener Botanical Coordinator New England Wild Flower Society 508-877-7630 ext. 3204; lwidener@newenglandwild.org

If you would like a botanical adventure, join the PCV program. This is a great way to meet new friends, explore a wide range of habitats while contributing to the knowledge of our flora.  I joined the PCV program the first year it was in Maine and love it as a way to help our environment. ~ B. G.